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The article clearly explains the thamesdiamondjubileepageant website’s needs for presenting the Write For Us Pets article in a concise and coherent manner.

Are you one of those people who believe that pets can help us to boost our energy and spread positivity? Can you write an article about pets? If yes, you are the perfect person to carry over this article. But our thamesdiamondjubileepageant team wants the interested candidates to follow certain guidelines, which the upcoming section clearly explains to the Write For Us Pets writers.

Greetings from thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org team,

We are reader-friendly people who are resolved to publish highly authentic content for our esteemed and supportive readers. Our content targets a diversified demographic range, from youngsters to older people. That is why we have thousands of monthly visitors to our website. And we take that as an honor and an energy booster to publish more authentic content in an upgraded manner.

Our wide range of topics falls into the categories of

  • Website Review
  • Product Review
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Health
  • Gaming Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Latest news

Desired Educational Background and Level of Responsibility

Pets are living beings that contribute to a better quality of life for humans. But most of the  Write For Us + Pets readers and common people believe that “pets” are always related to dogs and cats, which is not true. Pets include farm animals, aquatic animals, ferrets, fish, reptiles, etc.

Thus, we need the writers to focus on all types of pet animals instead of just one.

  • Veterinary graduates can share their valuable knowledge on preventing zoonotic diseases in pet animals and their vaccination procedures. Alternatively, anyone who has completed pet grooming courses or other pet-related courses can make a valuable contribution to our platform.
  • Field experience is a crucial qualification for writing about pets, and pet health is equally important as our own.
  • Thus, for writing Pets Write For Us articles, professionals such as livestock managers, farm managers, conservation biologists, aquarists, marine mammal trainers, dog walkers, groomers, animal scientists, animal nutritionists, veterinary pathologists, marine rescue officers, and others can attempt.
  • We strongly need the person to have great English writing skills. And they should have the ability to present the articles interestingly and authentically.

Reference Topics

Here is a list of possible topics to assist our writer.

  • What are the types of pet animals?
  • What legally allowed pet animals can be kept in our homes?
  • Why are some pet dogs biting humans, and what can be done to stop it?
  • Write For Us Pets writers can also answer the questions like What are balanced food diets for pets?


  • The word limit of the article should be in the range of 750 to 1500; kindly pay attention to this minimum and maximum word limit, and don’t breach this limit at any cost.
  • We advise the writers to go for simpler English rather than more complicated jargon or technical terms. It may invite more complexity for the readers to understand the information which is shared in jargon or technical terms. It may also lead to more grammatical errors.
  • Our Write For Us Pets team expects a simple, grammatical-error-free sentence.
  • The source of information should be legitimate, and we advise the readers to search a legitimate website for the information. And they shouldn’t steal or copy the whole thing as is. Then it will be plagiarized. Henceforth, kindly don’t do it. We want only 100% unique and original articles.

SEO Guidelines

  • Articles should include both high- and low-competition SEO keywords; this will help to increase website visibility in search results. And writers can make use of the Google Console application as well.
  • Usually, website linking is a golden rule to improve the SEO score, so the writers should add internal and external website links in their articles.

Write For Us Pets writers’ Benefits

  • We are the team with an updated SEO plan, which will help us get a good ranking in the search engine results, and more people will know about the guest post articles that it will add to our web presence.
  • Our website provides excellent recognition and acknowledgement to the writers for their work.

How to submit the article?

We request the writers to send their articles to this editorial Mail Address [[email protected]] because they are the ones who are responsible for the acceptance and selection of the articles.


As a result, we have reached the end of our article. Thank you for reading this article thus far. We still have one thing to convey in this last part: we deeply request the Write For Us Pets writers not to share their selected content on another platform. It is against our intellectual property, so don’t do that. Come forward to create Pet friendly world!

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