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The article describes the qualification details and the experience needed to present the Write For Us Cybersecurity article in a highly qualified manner.

Are you the kind of person who knows the strategies of cyber security? Can you write an awareness article related to cyber security? In today’s world, cyber security has become an essential practice, and people must know the basics and workings of it. That’s why our team has selected this topic.

But before moving to the submission rules, we would stress the important factors and guidelines to be considered by the writers while writing the Write For Us Cybersecurity article, which is explained clearly in the following section.

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Preferred Educational Qualification and Profession

Information theft has been on the rise in recent years, and it can potentially steal billions of dollars from our Write For Us + Cybersecurity readers. Thus, it is essential to know how to protect our devices and information, for which “cyber security is the most efficient method,” which is why we have chosen this topic.

Furthermore, we respectfully request the authors to provide basic information about cyber security.

For example, they can explain terminologies like “cybersecurity” as an essential practice to protect our devices and information from malicious attacks.

The writer should be able to explain the information, as stated above.

Profession:  Digital Forensic Examiner, IT Auditor, Security Systems Administrator, Penetration Tester, Security Engineer, Cryptography Engineer, Cyber Security Manager, or any other person working in the cyber security field can boldly make their Cybersecurity Write For Us attempt.

Educational qualification: Cyber Security courses are emerging only recently; thus, a person who has studied related topics can apply for this opportunity.

Experience: The interested person should have prior knowledge about cyber security and its associated sectors. Prior writing experience is only an extra credit; even the novice writer can attempt this guest blogging opportunity.

Reference topics 

  • Real definition and working of cyber security 
  • Application of cyber security with real-time examples
  • How to identify the online threat using cyber security?
  • What are the strategies involved in working on cyber security?
  • Advantages of incorporating workings of cybersecurity in the systems

Write For Us Cybersecurity Articles Guidelines 

  • Word limit of the article: 500 to 1500; writers should give more importance to the efficiency of the article rather than focusing on the number of words.
  • Articles should have a readability score of 80% and above. 
  • Writers should refrain from writing any jargon sentences; it may lead to difficulty understanding the concepts. Thus, the writers should present the article in a simple and error-free English language. 
  • The article should have a 0% plagiarism value; authors should not copy-paste any content from any other website or research journal. Write For Us Cybersecurity writers should write it in their own words instead of copying the whole content.

SEO guidelines 

  • The article should be substantiated with keywords related to the selected topics. The keywords can be selected from the google search engine or the keyword planner site.
  • The inclusion of inbound and outbound hyperlinks is essential to increase the SEO score of the article. Thus, kindly add them after completing 70 % of the article. 
  • And the writer should also try to lower the spamming value of the article below 6 to 7 %

Why to choose our platform for writing the Write For Us Cybersecurity articles?

  • Our website has nearly a lakh monthly visitors, and their every visit will add to the web impressions, which will help the guest article to get more popularity. 
  • All our articles are published under SEO strategies. Thus, the guest post article will get a good google ranking as well. 

How to submit the article to our team?

Writers must send their completed works to this Mail Address [[email protected]]. Thus, kindly take note of this mailing address more carefully.


In this concluding section, we are eager to share that the selection process of a team is very transparent and gives priority only to the talent of the Write For Us Cybersecurity guest post authors. And our team is ready to assist them in case of difficulties while writing or submitting the Cybersecurity article. Thus shower the faith in us, and we will treat a good writing world. 

Are you interested in taking advantage of our guest blogging opportunity? Share your thoughts on it.

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