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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Apklibre. Com to know its features and learn if it is a genuine website.

A few outcast locales are accessible in Mexico, Chile, and various countries which offer applications and games for Android, iOS, Windows Convenient, and moreover for other working framework. More than 10 years, Android applications and games upheld and managed the market as its working framework was presented on arranged mobiles.

Regardless, did you anytime inquire as to why applications and games are available on pariah destinations when they can be imported from Google Play Store? We ought to research Apklibre. com.

About Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com is a pariah site working with information on 23 Android applications and games. Apklibre.com redirects clients to armyapk.xyz. In this manner, Apklibre.com takes advantage of twofold site scores to control its authenticity.

About Iconos Flotantes:

It ought to be seen that Moving Images – Application and photo, known as Iconos Flotantes in Spanish, is available on Google Play Store with the assumption for free getting. 10M+ clients imported Iconos Flotantes, and 81.2K client reviews assessed it at 4.1/5 stars.

The application was made by mandgFunny and is around 9 MB in size. The Apklibre com Iconos Flotantes application allows the client to pick a couple of images that will float/tumble down according to the circumstance wherein the flexible is held considering development sensors and client signals. The application furthermore allows to adjust images of different applications.

Iconos Flotantes was remembered for Apklibre.com on third/May/2023. Apklibre.com redirected clients to learn about Play Store to import all of the applications remembered for Apklibre.com.

The components of Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com is a young site enrolled in the Netherlands on 11th/Walk/2023. It is a 2-months and 21-days old site selected for one year. Apklibre’s enlistment will pass in somewhere near 9-months and 12-days on 11th/Walk/2024. Along these lines Apklibre. com has a short future.

Apklibre.com prohibited the terms of direction. Its insurance procedure and treats technique was traditional and replicated. The site dismissed client care email, contact number, and real area. The information about its owner, specific contact, and chief was blue-penciled using paid security organizations of regtons.com. In this manner, there arriving at Apklibre’s group is unlimited.

The validness of Apklibre.com:

Apklibre.com procured 58.6%↑ business, 21%↑ uncertainty, 4%↓ phishing, 3%↓ spam, 15%↑ risk and Malware scores each, a zero↓ Alexa rank, and a sad 2/100↓ Space Authority. Anyway Apklibre. com is featured as a data based site for Android applications, it is especially risky for the client’s devices and data. Armyapk.xyz gained a not great 46%↓ trust score.

Apklibre’s enrollment place has an elevated degree of spamming and underhanded locales. Apklibre’s Tranco traffic rank proposes an appalling visitor count. Apklibre.com has a typical of zero visitors with a $0 traffic regard. Regardless, Apklibre.com isn’t boycotted and uses a genuine HTTPS show. Its IP has a Low-Space Supported Certificates(DV SSL) for the accompanying 69-days.

Virtual amusement joins:

Moving images – Application and photo on Google Play


Apklibre. com acknowledges the clients to Armyapk.xyz as its place of appearance. Apklibre.com has all the earmarks of being a stunt as it gained broad uncertainty, risk, malware scores, and poor Alexa and DA scores. Click here to know about Malware Armyapk.xyz is moreover has all the earmarks of being a stunt as a result of a sad trust score. Anyway Apklibre.com offers interfaces with research Play Store, gaining unapproved permission to client data might be skilled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. Apklibre uses what number of servers?

Servers successive chain numbers 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 zeroing in on ns1.dns-parking.com(IP and ns2.dns-parking.com(IP arranged in the USA.

2Q. How much is the speed of Apklibre?

A load time of 2.54 seconds, a 92% A-execution grade, is considered languid.

3Q. Who is selection focus and ISP of Apklibre?

Hostinger Overall Confined, USA.

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